Business Areas
Fine Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals:
Benzophenone [Diphenyl Ketone], 99.5% min., CAS # 119-61-9, white flakes. Used in the synthesis of Dyes, pesticides and drugs, perfumery compounds, Photo-initiator of UV curing inks, adhesives and coatings, optical fibers and Printed Circuit Boards [PCBs] in the electronics industry.
Tartaric acid: 99% CAS No. 526-83-0. It is widely used as an acidulant in carbonated drinks, effervescent tablets, in foods such as gelatin desserts, jellies and as a flavoring agent and preservative in wine making. In pharmaceutical preparations and industrial cleaning and polishing metals, in calico printing, in wool dyeing, and in certain photographic printing and development processes.
4-Methoxy Ethyl Phenol[MEP] intermediate for antihypertensive drug Metoprolol Tartrate.
2-Keto-L-Gluconic Acid [2-KLG] raw material for manufacturing Vitamin C.
2-cyano-4-methyl biphenyl[OTBN] raw material for angiotensin receptor blocker drug –Losartan.
1-acetyl-4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)piperazine raw material for anti-fungal drug and anti-dandruff shampoos-Ketoconazole.
Agrochemical Intermediates and Fertilizers:
3,4 dichloroaniline: for the manufacturing of herbicide for wheat and rice such as Diuron and Propanil.
3,5 dichloro aniline: for the manufacturing of fungicides for fruits and vegetables such as Vinclozolin,Chlozolinate,Iprodione and Procymidone.
O, O-dimethyl phosphoramidothionate[DMPAT]:for the manufacturing of insecticides such as Metamedophos and Acephate.
2-Chloro-5-Chloromethyl Thiazole: for the manufacturing of insecticides such as Thiamethoxam,Clothianidin.
Organic fertilizers such as Humic acid,potassium humate,zeolite granules, black urea as organic fertilizers.
Cosmetics Ingredients:
Hair dye intermediates such as
2-Nitro p-phenylenediamine
4-Amino m-Creol
4-Nitro m-phenylenediamine
4-Nitro o-phenylenediamine
2-Chloro p-phenylendiamine Sulphate
Benzophenone -2 and Benzophenone-6 are used as as an UV absorber in food container plastics and cosmetic products.
Acetonitrile,methanol,Isobutylene and Hexane: Building blocks for organic synthesis.
Tributyl Phosphine[TBUP]: For the synthesis of organic phosphines, as a dopant in the semiconductor industry, as a catalyst.
Specialty Chemicals and Additives:
2,2’ azodiisobutyronitrile[AIBN]: used as a polymerization initiator of cation,as a foamer in plastics and rubbers.
Tertiary Butyl Hydroquinone[TBHQ]: as an anti-oxidant for food and vegetable Oils.
Chondroitin Sulfate [Ex. Shark] injectable grade, pharma grade, food grade, cosmetic grade.
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